TEAM Coordinator

Angel Villa

Graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2019. Been a fan of CS:GO since 2013 and fell in love with tactical shooters since. Got into Valorant with the Beta and have enjoyed a fresh change of pace. I mostly play Initiators, Sentinels, or Controllers.

Louis "Louis"


22y/o gamer. My name is Louis and I’m studying esports. I am the Valorant Captain/In game leader. My goal is to raise an esports trophy by the end of 2021. I mostly stream Valorant on twitch, and I play duelist and can fill any position that is needed. I started playing Valorant during the beta in April of 2020 and almost immediately knew that I could go pro. I am proud of what the Valorant team has become and I am looking forward to pushing the UNM Esports program into the spotlight.   

Robert "Orthon" Van der Leek


21y/o senior studying computer science with a minor in environmental science, has been playing CS:GO for far too long. Wanted to get a CS team going but somehow CS:GO is less popular than Valorant 🙂 Tried Valorant in the beta and continued playing from there. Usually I play Omen/Brimstone, but can fill duelist if needed.

Gage "MrRoboto99"


21y/o junior studying FDMA. Previously played on the UNM Overwatch team for 1.5 years. Only misses the head when looking for skins (drip) on the ground(all the time) or when using the OP (all the time).

John "Fuego"


I wanted to play competitive Among Us, but unfortunately the esports org here at UNM only had a VALORANT team. I joined because I found VALORNAT has a similar in-game experience where one or two of my teammates are actively trying to make us lose. B.S. in physics, more recently graduated with a Masters in C.S.

Jake "Amaterasu"


I am a sophomore studying Computer Science at UNM. FPSs are my favorite genre and I have been playing them on console my whole life. I switched to PC two years ago and haven’t looked back. I am a little inconsistent with my gaming sessions and don’t practice a ton — I mainly play for fun. However, I’m interested in playing with a team and learning along the way. I don’t play a certain role, but I have been tinkering with Breach lately.