Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

TEAM Coordinator

Paige "aaaaaaah" Zamora

Hey there, I’m Paige, a Junior majoring in Astrophysics. I’m a Little Mac main who’s pretty new to the game, but eager to keep growing my own abilities, as well as those of the UNM students who play Smash! Beyond that, I enjoy Star Wars, and my favorite book, Worm. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus!

Cameron "Shaggy" Goodman

Steve Main

For someone on an esports team I don’t game that much, my favorite game is super smash bros with only around 600 hours. I main minecraft Steve for the memes and to have a good time.

James "Pacack" Welch

Pac-Man Main

Hi, my name is James Welch, and I’m a dual psychology and philosophy major with the goal of eventually becoming a counselor. My in-game tag is Pacack, and I’m a member of UNM’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team. My main character is Pac-Man, though I’m known for my wide array of secondary characters. I’ve been involved in the local Smash Bros. scene since 2016, and I hope to continue seeing it grow as time goes on.

Phillip "Flipperz" Ortiz

Robin Main

1st year at UNM, majoring in Computer Engineering, working on a minor in Gaming. Been playing Super Smash Bros for more than 5 years. Traveled and competed in tournaments in and out-of-state. Best in Las Cruces, hoping to make the state power rankings when its safe to go to in-person tournaments. Love working with wires, programming, walking outside while listening to fitting music, graphic design, and drawing in my free time.

Kris "Averybear" Boone

Hero Main

Hey! My name is Kris, but I go by AVeryBear ingame! I moved back to New Mexico about 5 years ago from California, but I’m originally from Missouri. I started playing smash at brawl, and I loved to play it with my friends, along with the upcoming Smash games. When Ultimate came out, I realized how much more fun this game was, so I practiced and here I am! I love all sorts of games, board games, video games, card games, you name it. I also love to bowl, ski, and much more! I want to eventually go into Law here at UNM, and hope to become a Corporate Lawyer.

Zelda "barazoku" alonso

Zelda Main

Zelda is a student of Dance with concentrations in queer performance and cultural expression. For fun, Zelda streams indie games on Twitch.