Rating Dates With the New League of Legends Skins

Riot’s yearly Valentines day skin line usually comes with a flourish of red and an abundance of hearts. However, this year we got a set of four different skins for wildly different champions. With a rose motif and some lovely-looking splash art, I took it upon myself to imagine a date with these characters. Ideally, none of these options are great but I’m alone this Valentines and the skins look nice.

Crystal Rose Zyra

She would definitely take me out to a nice dinner and a
show, and be very polite the whole time. Despite this, she would absolutely judge me for not knowing the names of different wines and being unable to speak French. I really like gardening however, so we would at least have something to talk about.


Crystal Rose Swain

He seems like he would be an amazing dancer, and we
would have a wonderful dinner and the conversation would be very engaging. Swain also seems like he would take business calls the entire date, which would ruin the mood. Fun for a date, but not a long term commitment.


Withered Rose Syndra

I would be a rebound date and she’d make sure I knew it. She would keep comparing me to her ex, while repeatedly saying how she broke it off because they were getting too clingy. Honestly, as long as she shows up and doesn’t ghost me I’ll count it as a win.


Withered Rose Talon

The date would start off rocky to be sure, but I feel as if it would get better as we both relaxed a bit. He would
definitely take me someplace really weird, like an arcade he used to work at. Luckily I really like throwing knives, so we would have something in common. Points off for the clown makeup though.


Sloan Moulton
Author: Sloan Moulton