TEAM Coach



TEAM Coordinator

Reagan"Girafy" Robnett


Ryne "C6h12o6" Martinez


Sophomore, majoring in biochemistry. I am from Las Cruces, New Mexico and have been playing Overwatch since fall of 2016. Longtime JV player in every (e)sport I have ever joined.

Erick "Yin" Yin


Erick made his start in gaming with Team Fortress 2 upon the game first going free to play. A couple years later he made the transition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends where the gravity of gaming slowly pulled him closer. Since the release of Blizzard’s Overwatch, he has found his spot in the gaming and esports sphere as an avid DPS player. Known for taking terrible doomfist engages to get an achievement.



Junior double majoring in political science and communications. Has been studying for the LSAT in hopes to attend law school after graduation. I’ve played Overwatch since the beta and I was a part of the first UNM Overwatch team before taking a hiatus between Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Has a nose ring and drip.

Jack "LogChamp" Moser


Jack is a Senior graduating this Spring with majors in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Arts and Philosophy. He started playing video games on his older brother’s GameCube and has been hooked ever since. He played Starcraft II and League of Legends throughout high school before switching to Overwatch and has been a part of UNM Esports’ Varsity Team since 2019.

Reagan "Girafy" Robnett


Reagan is a Junior in Music Education. I like giraffes and my kitty Tigger. I also have type one diabetes. Reagan makes a lot of really good music and her favorite hero is [Redacted]. She’s quite tall. Before becoming an absolute stud in Overwatch she dominated the tennis court but found it too boring due to the lack of skill and transitioned to a more intellectually stimulating environment.


Aaron "Berry" Oster


Aaron is a Senior majoring in Liberal Arts. He really got into Overwatch after high school around season 9-10. As a certified bastion one trick through the rank of bronze, he realized it was time to take it seriously. Outside of Overwatch, he loves basketball and being outside.

Dylan "Dlion0" Fergson


Junior at UNM, studying Computer Science. 3500 hours in TF2, 100% washed up. Been playing Overwatch since beta.

Junior Varsity

TEAM Coach

Hunter "plutoxes" Greene

Previously varsity main support, and DPS, now coaching for varsity and junior varsity Overwatch teams. Currently studying emergency medicine in the prehospital setting and working EMS in the field. I am a self proclaimed washed up player, previously ranking in mid to high masters for all roles in Overwatch, hoping to help each team succeed in tournaments and grow as players.

Eric "DookieStain" Martinez


I’m currently a freshman studying biochemistry. I enjoy skating, playing video games, and growing different kinds of plants. Played overwatch since 2016 and somehow I’m still a hardstuck plat.

Jacob "Brighthammer" Mata


My name is Jacob Mata I am in my second year working on my history major. This is my first year in the esports scene so I’m hoping to learn a lot. My favorite game right now is rust and overwatch, my favorite character to play at this moment in overwatch would be junkrat. I can’t wait to get started and see how we will do.

Jacob "b0zeman" Parsons


Sup I’m a freshman in electrical engineering and I’m bad at Overwatch.

Daniel "Fitz" Felker


3rd year PhD in Biochemistry, Have been playing overwatch for just over 2 years, prior to joining UNM played on a discord team (blizzard bears). Enjoy playing the ukulele, but am still very much a beginner. Random fun fact, I’ve visited 46 states, still need Maine, Hawaii, Alaska and Florida.

Diego "Primordial" Gomez


Hello I am a sophomore in Computer Science. I started playing OW just last year when I built my first pc, and haven’t reached my full year yet. I like to play a variety of games especially RTS games.

Jarrod "Garth" Trainor


Hello, I am a senior at UNM pursuing a degree in architecture. I’ve played overwatch for about 4 years now. I do triathlons, and I’m training for an ironman in November. I do a lot of coaching for swimming on the offtime.