Magic the Gathering

TEAM Coordinator

Malcolm "Stupidrock" Carr

Malcolm has been playing Magic since late 2013 and joined the Esports club in 2020. He is currently working towards a Bachelors of Arts in both Economics and Political Science graduating in 2022. He hopes to revitalize the competitive Magic scene both at the University of New Mexico and the broader Albuquerque area.

Curtis "NobodyBear" Madden

Aggro Player

Freshman, 18 years old. Graduated from Glenwood Springs High School in 2020. Majoring in Film at UNM. Been playing magic for 4 years, mostly commander, and grinding the ladder on Magic Arena. Mostly a green player, sometimes with a splash of red, prefers aggro decks and strategies, smashing through in the early game for the win.

Jonny "Nihilbyte" Cain

Control Player

Jonny is a sophomore who has been playing magic competitively since 2015 and is from Farmington, New Mexico. He joined the Esports team in 2020 and loves the color combination Esper. Because of this love for Esper he plays almost exclusively Control decks (thanks Teferi), although he has been known to branch into various Midrange strategies when he grinds the ladder on Arena. Notably, Jonny finished 12-3 in the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2018 with UW Control. Jonny is hoping to graduate with a degree in Secondary Education with a focus in Language Arts in 2023.