League of Legends

TEAM Coordinator

Nikolai "Saphiire" Sobioch

Nikolai has a passion for esports and recently joined the club 2020. He graduated in Spring of 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He plans to help The UNM Esports Club grow and help bridge the gap between athletics and esports.

Dylan "yellowcactus" Bowman

Top Laner

I’ve been playing League of Legends since season 4 and find myself to keep coming back to it. Currently a Junior and also on the executive board, looking to push esports to the next level in New Mexico. My humble brags being I’ve played with Dyrus before, and I used to be the #1 Ranked Mundo top player in season 6 for two months straight.

Diego "Didacus" Garcia


Diego has been a fan of esports for many years but this is his first time taking part in the esports community. He is going for his BFA for Design and Technology for the Performing Arts with a focus in lighting design. Diego plays a wide variety of games like call of duty, gears of war, rocket league and league of legends.

Zak "MediumWillie69" Willis

Mid Laner

Majoring in Accounting

I’ve been playing League of Legends since 2014. This is my third year on the team.

Outside of League I play Valorant and World of Warcraft.


Michael "willump pachump" Prossnitz

Mid Laner

Michael is new to the esports scene having only joined the UNM LoL team in February of 2021. He has played league since season 3 and happily ignored any other game since. He graduated from UNM in Spring 2019 with a Bachelors in Economics and is currently working towards his MBA with a focus in Management of Technology.

Teddy "Pi Pi Su"

SUB Mid Laner

Senior. First year in our team. Played since Season 6.

Dre "HD Havoc"

AD Carry

Dre is a new member to the competitive LoL scene. He started playing Lol around mid-2013 during season 3. He is currently working on his CS major. Dre also likes to play FPS games such as Cod and BF.

Mark "Luna Ephemera" Bailon


Mark is a longtime supporter of esports and has been working to make UNM Esports a varsity program at the university since he became President in August of 2020. Before that, he was the Vice President of Events with the club. He graduated in Spring of 2020 with his Bachelors in Secondary Education and is currently working on his Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Strategic Management and Policy. You can catch Mark playing any number of competitive and casual games like League of Legends, Apex Legends, The Binding of Isaac, and Persona.

Sarah “Yùùmi” Maurice

Sub Support

Sarah is a freshman Computer Engineering major. She has been playing League for two years and served as the Sandia Prep Esports team captain. Sarah is a one-trick Yuumi player but doesn’t shy away from playing top.